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 REPRO Engineering aims to develop a work system adapted to each client in its two areas of performance, industrial and amusement. From a technical point of view, these areas are very similar in terms of the sophistication and latest generation equipment so the responsibility with which it must provide services, both outsourcing and management, is crucial. The goal is to achieve the best work in the shortest time possible, dimensioning the team in a accurate and sufficient way, as well as following the technological evolution, offering guarantee that the client's equipment in perfect working conditions and at the lowest cost.
Engineering and Facilities:
- Industrial projects and installations;
- Projects and installation of substations and cabins;
- Distributions in high, medium and low voltage;
- Installation of machines (from foundations to "startup");
- Installation of entertainment devices (from foundations to "startup");
- Elaboration of manuals for preventive and / or corrective maintenance;
- Instrumentation;
- Nationalization of equipment;
- Projects for automation.
Corrective, preventive and predictive industrial maintenance:
Industrial maintenance in various types of machinery.
Consulting and / or Advice:
- Technical, economic and financial feasibility studies;
- Maintenance management;
- Project implementation program;
- Budgeting;
- Consulting in Safety, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering;
- Entertainment Equipment.
Corrective, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance in Amusement Parks:
 REPRO Engineering is the first Brazilian company affiliated with NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials). This entity is responsible for the inspection and technical evaluation of North American and Canadian Amusement Parks. Repro Engineering is also affiliated with IAAPA, participating in several courses and events held in the USA, Europe and Asia.

 This specialization has given us possibilities to provide services throughout the national territory and in some other countries in South America, such as Argentina and Uruguay.
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We are associated:
Street Bom Pastor, 2732 - Room 41 - North Tower
Zip Code: 04203-003 - São Paulo/SP - Brazil
+55 (11) 2914-4953
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